First Visit

In our office we take a natural approach to health care and we take special care of each and every individual as if they were part of our own family. The first patient visit usually takes about an hour. It will begin with a questionnaire about your symptoms. This will provide us with general information about your condition.

Next comes the consultation, in which we discuss your current complaints. We will also ask you various questions about your health history in order to get an idea of how your health has been throughout your life.

This is followed by an orthopedic and neurological examination which includes a number of specialized tests to evaluate your chief complaint. We will then take x-rays in order to thoroughly investigate your case.

During this initial visit, we will explain the results of your examination and radiographs and what they mean to your overall health. We will recommend a customized treatment plan for your specific needs which may include suggestions relating to your diet, exercise routine and sleep habits

We will immediately begin your treatment on this first visit. We have a variety of therapy modalities at our disposal to treat your specific condition. For example, our ultrasound equipment works very well with strain/sprain types of injuries. Our interferential stimulation helps to decrease pain and our Russian stimulation helps to break up muscular spasms.

As an integral part of our treatment plan, we like to incorporate a variety of massage techniques. We typically do massage work prior to the spinal adjustment.

Finally, a spinal adjustment is done. We use several different techniques. The most common method is called diversified and is a technique in which the doctor's hands induce movement into spine. We also do a technique called Thompson Drop in which the chiropractic table is equipped with specialized moving parts that create mobility in the spine. This technique is frequently requested by patients because it is gentle.

Together we will decide what works best for you. As you go through treatment, we will make changes accordingly as you feel better. Ultimately, you will be more in tune with your body as you learn to take better care of yourself through proper diet, exercise and spinal care. Hopefully this will lead to a healthier, happier life.